The Facts Behind Controlling Your Lights’ Intensity

The Facts Behind Controlling Your Lights’ Intensity

An In-Depth Look at Lutron Dimmers

One of the most trusted names in lighting control, Lutron, features a wide range of tools and methods to manage your home’s light. Dimmers, for example, offer homeowners complete control of the intensity of light within each space of their home. In this article, we’re hoping to shed some light on Lutron lighting through dimmers – from finding the right type and control method to how they affect your Cherry Hill, NJ home experience. 

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Select Your Dimmer

Finding the right type of dimmer depends on a few factors including the type of light source and your chosen method of control. Below we go into detail about developing your home’s ideal Lutron LED dimmer system.

The first factor in selecting a dimmer is a home’s light source. Each type of bulb has unique characteristics that require a specific type of dimmer. Lutron offers models that are designed to work with each type of light source and have been tested for each specific load type.

  • Incandescent/Halogen Bulbs: These bulbs are the easiest when it comes to dimming technology. The reason is that they can work with two of the most popular types of dimmer switches: leading edge and trailing edge dimmers. Each type of dimmer removes a certain amount of electricity from the lighting source depending on how dim you would like the light to be. Trailing edge dimmers trim the electrical current at the end of the waveform, while leading edge turn off the current at the front of the waveform. Trailing edge dimmers are easier to install because they are not subject to an inrush of current and are typically less expensive than their leading edge counterpoints. Typically, homeowners pair their incandescent bulbs with trailing edge dimmers for the simplicity.
  • LED Bulbs: LED lights are a bit more complicated. First off, a leading edge dimmer will not work with a LED bulb. Then, you will need to match your LED light source to a LED driver that meets the control specifications for the dimmer. Overall, we would not recommend doing-it-yourself when it comes to installing a LED dimming system. By partnering with a lighting design professional, you’ll be able to get the most out of your lighting system. LED lighting solutions provide additional benefits including energy savings, full control over color temperature, and long lasting bulbs. After taking the time to properly install a lighting control system with LED lights, your investment will pay off in energy savings and the best control over your lighting design.


When it comes to controlling your dimming settings, Lutron offers several solutions from traditional switches to an app installed on a smart device.

  • Switches: When in operation, dimmers will get warm to the touch because about one percent of the energy held back by the dimmer is lost as heat. Therefore, a dimmer switch needs to be a little wider to disperse the heat. Lutron offers many looks and feels including toggle dimmers, rotary dimmers, and button models. These come in many colors and styles to seamlessly fit into your home’s design.
  • Cords: For your lamps and auxiliary lighting, Lutron offers special dimming cords. You can easily dim with a manual toggle on the cord itself.
  • Touchscreens/Smart Devices: A full Lutron lighting control system allows you to adjust the illumination level of any dimmable light in your home from a touchscreen, tablet or smartphone as well as turn lights on or off and change the color temperature for total control and convenience.

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Save Energy

One key benefit of Lutron’s dimming solutions is energy efficiency. If you are currently unable to dim your home’s lights, you are consistently using more energy than you need. While a light’s standard intensity might be appropriate for activities like reading or cooking, you don’t always need such a strong light.

When you are using a dimmer, you can get all the light you need and reduce the amount of energy you use daily. Lutron estimates that dimming your incandescent bulbs 10 percent uses 10 percent less energy and means bulbs that last an average of three years. When dimming incandescent bulbs 50 percent, Lutron has found that homeowners used 40 percent less electricity and the bulbs can last over 10 years. Just adding a device like the Lutron Maestro or Diva dimmer can truly make a huge difference in reducing your home’s energy use, and combining dimmers with Lutron’s other eco-friendly options like LED bulbs can do even more.

Enhance Your Home’s Design

Dimming has a less practical benefit: enhancing the look and feel of your home. Dimmers provide homeowners with the ability to set the right mood in their home spaces. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party and want your dining room to feel romantic or cleaning up the kitchen and require more illumination, dimmers can help.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to lighting design, including insights from interior designers about how homeowners can utilize Lutron lighting solutions to enhance their home’s decor. Click the button below to download a copy for further information.

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