The Best Energy-Efficiency Features of Lutron Lighting and Shades

The Best Energy-Efficiency Features of Lutron Lighting and Shades

Save Energy and Bring Comfort to Your Home with Lutron

An expansive lighting control and motorized shading system from Lutron can bring both convenience and luxury to your home. You get complete control in managing the look of every room in your house, and you can manage the entire system from one universal interface.

But can this smart solution also save you energy and lower your monthly bills ahead of the upcoming winter?

The great news is that Lutron lighting and shades make it incredibly easy to limit energy consumption in your own house, whether you’re near or far away from home.

Keep reading below to find out how!


Insulation for Any Season

Lutron shades provide top-notch insulation and energy-saving features for any home.

With the winter months fast approaching, keeping your house comfy and warm will be a top priority. This is where your heating bills will start to skyrocket.

If you have large windows in your house, this is usually where heat tends to escape through. When this happens, your heaters work overtime to keep your home warm and to accommodate the temperature drop.

The same goes for the warmer seasons.  The cooler air escapes through your windows, and your A/C is forced to work to balance out the temperature.

But with the insulation from Lutron motorized shades, you can stay warm in the winter and limit solar heat gain during the summer. For optimal energy-saving, we recommend Lutron’s lines of honeycomb shades.

Lutron’s honeycomb shades have a specific pleated design with air pockets designed for insulation. During the winter, this is perfect for maintaining warm air. Likewise, in the summer, the same pleated design can help keep cool air inside during the day.

While the design of the shades plays a big role in their energy-saving features, it’s Lutron’s innovative control capabilities that set them apart from any standard honeycomb shade.

Energy-Saving Control Features

With Lutron’s lighting and shades solutions, you don’t have to be home to control your devices. In fact, you can control them from anywhere in the world – and even set schedules for them to operate.

For example, to save the most energy during the winter, you can schedule your motorized shades to rise at dawn every morning to allow in as much heat as possible. In the evening, you can schedule for your shades to automatically lower at sunset so that you don’t lose the acquired heat throughout the night.

If you’re at home and want to make an adjustment to your shades as you go about your daily routine, control any room’s shades through a wall-mounted keypad or from an application on your smartphone or tablet. You don’t need to solely rely on drawstrings to operate your shades and maintain an energy-efficient home. With Lutron’s motorized features, controlling your shades is quick and intuitive.

Additionally, you also can save energy through Lutron’s lighting control solutions. Not only can you feature occupancy sensors that automatically can turn a room’s lights off when vacant, but you also can gain the ability to dim any connected light throughout your house. Instead of consuming maximum amounts of energy every time you turn on your lights, dim your lights to 60-percent brightness, for example. 


Want to learn more about the energy-efficiency features of Lutron’s lighting and shades controls and what they can do for your home? Feel free to chat live with us below or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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