Now is the Perfect Time to Bring Smart Technology to Your Home

Now is the Perfect Time to Bring Smart Technology to Your Home

Smart Home Automation Adds Convenience and Health to Your Lifestyle

Smart home automation is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners – and right now is the best time to bring a top-notch smart system and features to your own Philadelphia, PA living space. But does smart home technology feel like a futuristic word that just isn’t meant for your everyday lifestyle?

We’re here to tell you that the future is here, and home automation is more accessible than ever before. With our system installations, you’ll find that various smart solutions can make your daily life and routine a breeze, as well as have benefits for your health and safety.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what control systems, and subsystems, are available and how they can elevate your home. Want to learn more? Keep reading on below.

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A Variety of Smart Features

With smart systems, you can customize how yours fits and caters to your exact needs day in and day out. Each system and solution can often benefit you in more ways than one, from bringing efficiency and convenience to your life, to adding luxury and heightening your security.

Take a look at what type of features our integrators can install in your home, and what their unique characteristics are.

Motorized Shading and Lighting: Comfort and Convenience

Automated window treatments and smart lighting control can take the hassle out of your typical tasks. Attempting to reach for high-up windows or remembering to do a walk-through to turn off all your indoor lights at night will now be worries of the past.

You can simply press a button to lower your motorized shades and raise them back up again, or schedule them to run automatically. Blackout shades are perfect for your home theater or media room, where you can watch a movie without dealing with glare from the sun ruining your movie-viewing. On the other hand, colorful, sheer shades are ideal for other areas of your house. Dual shading even lets you have both.

One button-press can also turn on all your lights or shut them off all at once. Dim various lighting fixtures at dinner, creating ambiance in your home – or brighten the lights on your porch, giving your backyard a lively presence in the evening. There’s no doubt about it: lighting can have an incredible impact on your lifestyle. And did you know that it can affect your health significantly as well?

Circadian Lighting: Physically and Mentally Healthy

Circadian lighting is a feature in your lighting system that lets your lighting fixture’s intensity and color hues adjust to what your body and mind need during the day and into the night. Our bodies have natural circadian rhythms that follow the pattern of the sun. We crave natural sunlight, so when all we get is florescent lighting throughout the day, we end up feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

You can avoid this with circadian lighting. This feature keeps your light color tones cool and blue while you need to work or go about your daily tasks – keeping you energized and productive. And when the sun rises or as night falls, the lights will shift to a more warm, glowing hue that mimics candlelight. This guarantees a better night’s sleep and a better wakeup call in the morning.

Smart Home Security: Peace of Mind

Whether you’re gone for a day or a week, your home’s safety is a major concern while you’re away. A top-notch smart security system can give you that assurance you need so you won’t spend every vacation worrying about your property.

With surveillance cameras installed throughout your home, you can check in on any part of your space whenever you want to. Control the cameras from your phone, watch real-time footage, and save videos to view later. Plus, access control lets you determine who enters your home based on who has a code or if you approve via your smart device. You’ll keep peace of mind knowing how guarded your entrances are and overall, how much your property is protected.

Plus, your automated shades and lighting control come in handy for your security system as well. By choosing an “Away” scene when you leave home, your lights and shades can operate as usual while you’re gone. This gives off the impression that you never left home – preventing burglars from targeting your unoccupied house.

There are endless smart systems and their features to choose from that you can add to and complete your smart home with – and there’s no time like today to bring these solutions to your living space. Want to find out more about these technologies and how our team at Hi-Fi Sales can help every step of the way?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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