Make What’s Old New Again With Whole Home Audio

Make What’s Old New Again With Whole Home Audio

Spruce up Your Living Arrangements With Easy Access to Your Tunes

One of the best parts of living in Philadelphia is the history. From the Liberty Bell to Benjamin Franklin’s publishing office, there are plenty of artifacts to enjoy. But one thing that may not be such a joy is trying to retrofit your colonial-era home with integrated technology. The Founding Fathers may have drafted the Constitution, but they weren’t big on Wi-Fi. If you’re considering diving in to integrated technology, the perfect place to start is with a whole home audio system. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can begin distributing music throughout your entire space. Read on for more.

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Going Wireless

For many homeowners who want to get a taste of what a whole home audio system is like and can’t (or won’t) run wires throughout their property, Sonos is often a perfect solution. The manufacturer is a leader in wireless audio, and they offer some of the best products on the market. Plus, you can even integrate Sonos control with a separate home control system.

And while their current line of speakers is top of the line, did you know you’re not stuck using them even if you want to enjoy the capabilities of Sonos? That’s why they’re so perfect for retrofit projects – you can choose to place a Play speaker anywhere, or you can turn your existing speakers wireless with the Sonos Connect Amp – all without running wires through your home.

Ensuring a Strong Signal

Even though a wired system will give you the best and most consistent results, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy top-quality music streaming throughout your space. You’ll just have to ensure that wherever there’s a speaker, there’s a strong signal reaching it. In these cases, you’ll want a mesh network.

A mesh network is one that uses individual devices to help boost the wireless signal. In a non-mesh network, the more devices you have, the less bandwidth is available to each. On the other hand, with a mesh network, you instead get a stronger signal with each device.

That means you can stream music to your kitchen, bedroom, garage – even outside (in the warmer months, at least) from a central hub in your basement with little signal interference. With a single touch on your smartphone or tablet you can enjoy all your favorite music wherever you are in the house.

Are you interested in retrofitting your old Philadelphia property with a whole home audio system? Contact Hi-Fi Sales today!

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