How You Can Elevate Your Home's Outdoor Living Spaces this Summer

How You Can Elevate Your Home's Outdoor Living Spaces this Summer

Create the Ultimate Backyard Atmosphere With These Technologies

With the weather getting warmer every day, your home’s outdoor spaces are the best areas to hang out this summer. But how can you make the most of your outdoor living spaces? What are some of the ways to most effectively upgrade your backyard?


With new technologies that are designed for year-round outdoor use, now is the perfect time to update your backyard atmosphere to fit your summer plans. From an outdoor sound system to dedicated outdoor lighting, explore some of the possibilities by reading on below.



Outdoor Audio Solutions

Turn up the music and get your friends and family dancing this summer. With a dedicated outdoor speaker system, enjoy sound coverage throughout your backyard – perfect for when you are hosting summer parties or are simply relaxing with your family on a weekend afternoon.

To achieve that high-performance sound outdoors, we recommend speakers from either Coastal Source or Origin Acoustics. Both are trusted brands that off amazing audio products for your backyard.

Don’t worry about damage from the elements – these speakers are weather-resistant from all types of storms, including rain, hail, sleet, and snow. Even intense heat and cold won’t cause any issue, and neither will splashes from the pool.

Want to hide your speakers among your foliage? Garden speakers from Origin Acoustics and bullet or rock speakers from Coastal Source can blend in seamlessly with your backyard décor while still delivering top-notch audio. 

Both brands offer larger bollard speakers that can ensure not only is your audio heard but also is stylishly seen.

Best of all, you can control your outdoor music just as you would with your indoor speaker system – simply use an app on your smartphone to control the volume and select your favorite songs and playlists to play outside

Outdoor TV Solutions 

Want to host a tailgate and watch the big Phillies game on your patio? Or maybe you’re excited to have a movie night under the stars. Either way, having a dedicated outdoor has its benefits. 

But to optimize this entertainment space, you need an outdoor television that can produce a high-quality image at all times. That’s why we recommend SunBriteTV.

With the same weather-resistant qualities that the speakers we mentioned above have, SunBriteTV screens are three times brighter than indoor televisions and work in any outdoor space. With a powder aluminum exterior, they  also feature built-in protection from dust and insects. 

SunBriteTV features full-shade, partial-sun, and full-sun models, so you can place your TVs in porches, patios, decks, pergolas, or poolside. Even choose from 4K Ultra HD models for full-shade and partial-sunlight applications.

Illuminate Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

Did you know Coastal Source doesn’t just offer outdoor speakers? They also provide top-notch outdoor lighting fixtures so that you can enjoy your home’s outdoor living spaces 24/7.

Just like with their speakers, Coastal Source is all about quality performance while also bringing you products that blend in nicely with your existing décor. Choose from lighting fixtures such as bullet and path lights that you can spread throughout your yard, and lip lights under wall seats and columns. Step lights can effectively brighten the way and heighten your backyard’s safety, while tree lights can produce beautiful downlighting. 

Have your lights turn on right when the sun sets, or have them gradually brighten as it goes down. You can create a beautiful ambiance outdoors, perfect for any summer gathering or get-together. 

Best of all, when you install your Coastal Source landscape lighting system through Hi-Fi Sales, you can enjoy a limited lifetime guarantee on your setup!

Want to learn more about improving your home’s outdoor living spaces through one of the solutions mentioned above?

Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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