How Working With a Smart Home Company Can Help With Your Next Build

How Working With a Smart Home Company Can Help With Your Next Build

Ensure the Success of Your Project With Smart Technology Solutions

In today’s housing market, one thing is clear: Homeowners love smart technology.

From being able to control their entertainment system with a single command to shutting down their entire property remotely, integrated technology puts power in the hands of the homeowner.

So if you’re building or designing a new construction home, you should work with a local, Philadelphia-based smart home company that can help you navigate the ins and outs of smart home design.

Where can a technology expert help? In just about every aspect of your process.

Just keep reading to find out more.

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When you first meet a client, you get a feel for who they are and what they’ll want in their new home.

If possible, it’s also a great time to start talking about what kind of technology they’ll potentially want in the area.

In some cases, like housing developments, the client may simply want to lay the groundwork with pre-wiring and maybe some integrated lighting features.

In others, the client may be an individual who always dreamed of their own private home theater but doesn’t know the right questions to ask.

Either way, having a technology professional there from the beginning will help the homeowner and you have an easier time deciding on how to approach the situation.


As you’re designing the property, a smart home installer can begin formulating the design of the system.

Each system is unique, but certain factors remain constant; specifically, the wiring.

Wires will need to run throughout every room for a functional system. Fiber-optics, ethernet and low-voltage cabling should be mapped out and installed before the dry wall goes up, to ensure that nothing impedes the signal.


Once you’re in the middle of the build, a smart home pro will have a good sense of where each device will go, or at least where to place outlets.

And certain installations require heavier construction. A home theater needs to be optimized for audio quality. An integrated lift for hiding the TV may need some custom parts built.

By adding these components before the home is finished, you can avoid costly re-work and make sure your client enjoys a successfully completed project.

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