How to Expand Your Whole Home Audio Collection

How to Expand Your Whole Home Audio Collection

Enjoy More Music Than Ever With an Increased Digital Music Library

Now that physical media has gone the way of the dinosaurs, there’s virtually no limit to how much music you can own and access digitally. In fact, with so much variety at your fingertips – thanks to downloadable content and streaming services – a new problem has arisen. How, exactly, do you store, organize and access it all in a comprehensive way? In this blog, we’ll demonstrate how to simplify your digital library and how a whole home audio system in your Jersey Shore property helps you enjoy it in every area. Read more after the jump.

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 Why Digital?

Music fans may remember the days of sifting through milk crates full of vinyl, or still have a closet full of CDs, but digital music is the way most users consume music these days. The reason is simple: it’s easy to use and convenient to take it just about anywhere. Digital storage has gotten to the point where you can easily store thousands of songs on a device that fits comfortably in your pocket, and music lovers have taken advantage of it. Not only that, but you also have access to millions more songs via streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

Nevertheless, some hardcore audiophiles have resisted the shift to digital music, claiming that more traditional formats provide better sound quality. A few years ago, when MP3s were all the rage, they would have been right. But today, uncompressed digital formats like FLAC and DSD offer high quality audio that’s frequently as good as or better than the original master recording. Digital music isn’t the future; it’s here, and it sounds better than ever.

Organizing, Connecting and Listening

There’s a lot that goes into your multi-room music system. Think about it: a vast library of songs, with millions more to be found online – all streamed through your integrated sound system in any room you choose. It seems like a complicated process, but home automation manufacturers have made it easy.

When you use the dedicated control device or connected app for your whole home system, you’re given a comprehensive look at all of the songs in your library, sorted by artist, album or playlist. You can quickly play any song you choose with a couple of swipes of your finger. Plus, the app gives you easy-to-follow prompts to enjoy the sounds in a specific speaker zone. If you want to stream music into your bedroom instead of listening to an alarm clock in the morning, you can set your system with a timer to help wake you up in comfort and style.                      

Additionally, a multi-room system should help you organize your non-digital music as well. If you still love to pop in a CD from time to time, or want to spend a Saturday afternoon listening to the old LP collection, your system easily lets you switch between multiple sources.


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