How to Attract Buyers or Tenants With Outdoor Entertainment Features

How to Attract Buyers or Tenants With Outdoor Entertainment Features

Developing an MDU? Differentiate Your Properties With These Technologies.

If you’re a developer for apartment buildings, condominiums or other residential communities, then you know that to draw in potential buyers, it’s all about making your properties stand out above the others. But with limited areas that you can customize with everyone in mind, what can you do to elevate your MDUs from the competition?

One way to do so is through the amenities you can offer through your buildings’ common areas. With spring underway here in the Philadelphia area, one way we recommend to set your properties apart is through offering cutting-edge outdoor entertainment solutions – such as outdoor sound systems or outdoor TVs.

When you upgrade your properties’ outdoor common spaces with amenities every resident can enjoy, you are creating spaces that make your properties unique and appealing to buyers or prospective tenants. In this blog, we go through the top features you can add to your outdoor areas and how to set the technology up so that your future residents get the most out of them.

Want to learn more about attracting more buyers or tenants to your properties through outdoor entertainment solutions? Just keep reading below!


Outdoor Speakers for Community Events and Parties

When residents can turn up the music, they’re going to appreciate the area that much more. By bringing an incredible outdoor sound system to your community’s outdoor common areas, such as a pool or patio, you’ll be elevating the space and cultivating an environment that can entertain everyone.

Residents can connect their smart devices to the system so that they can play their favorite music while grilling for friends and family or play relaxing melodies as they swim in the pool or hang out in the jacuzzi. And as the sound system will be easy-to-use, they can simply use a wall-mounted touchscreen panel to change tunes or peruse through different albums or playlists.

By installing dedicated outdoor speakers throughout your properties’ outdoor common spaces, you can create the ideal surround sound setup that covers every spot residents will be spending time in. Someone could be standing by the grills, lingering by the pool, or lounging on a lawn chair – with a well-designed outdoor sound system, you can ensure coverage throughout the entire area without worrying about sound dispersion or dead zones.

One of the best benefits of opting for an outdoor speaker system is that it is designed to withstand the elements. Make sure you opt for outdoor speakers that are weatherproof and can withstand the wide range of temperatures we in the Philadelphia are susceptible to.

4K Outdoor TVs for Movie Nights

Imagine offering a space that everyone can enjoy a movie night under the stars or the big Phillies game together. With a dedicated outdoor TV, you can set up community movie nights or tailgates for residents to attend. You’ll strengthen the community, and give them a chance to see just how amazing it is to watch media outdoors in the same quality as they would inside.

4K outdoor TVs deliver that same bright and vivid image without having the sun’s intense rays affect their screens. Anti-glare properties won’t have everyone straining to see or pausing the film to wait for the clouds to cover the sun. Choose from TVs that are designed for shaded applications or even TVs that are meant to be watched in full sunlight.

Give residents the ability to enjoy the beautiful weather while choosing what they want to watch – whether it’s a popular movie or their favorite sports team. By offering outdoor entertainment amenities in your MDU’s common areas, your tenants will feel right at home – which is the ultimate goal.

Upgrading your MDU common areas with these outdoor audio and video features shows potential tenants or buyers what their future life in your properties can be. Help your residential communities stand out among the rest.

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