How Do You Control Your Connected Home?

How Do You Control Your Connected Home?

Smart Home Automation Offers Options for Everybody

By now you probably know how a smart home automation system can simplify family gatherings and how it can help your technology learn in your Moorestown, New Jersey property. But the one issue that many homeowners have before they upgrade is concern over how they can control their system. Sure, you already know that you can download a compatible app and command everything from your smartphone or tablet – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In this blog, we’ll show you how easy it is to control your integrated system.

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Dedicated Control Panels

While smartphones and tablets are a popular choice among many homeowners, dedicated control panels are still one of the best ways to go when it comes to utilizing your smart technology. Not only do they reduce app clutter on your personal tablet or smartphone, but many can have multiple functions throughout your spaces.

In the kitchen, a wall mounted device will help you keep the counters clear while you’re cooking. You can set the scene with one touch; dimming the lights, raising the shades and streaming music through your in-wall speakers for the perfect dinner setting. Plus, when you’re not using it to control your system, some larger-format panels double as TVs.

An additional benefit of wall-mounted control panels is that they can be hardwired into your system. While wireless devices are a serviceable solution if convenience is your main concern, hardwired units will make for more reliable service and quicker response times. Moreover, it’s always a great security idea to have a controller that you’re not using to browse the internet because that can present additional and unnecessary dangers to your system.

Voice Control

We talk a lot about how easy it is to control your system – so simple even grandma can do it. But smart home manufacturers are always looking for ways to add convenience to your lifestyle. The latest development in smart home technology may just be one of the best: voice control.

With vocal commands, all you have to do is ask your system to complete an instruction, and it will respond. In years past, this has been a relatively difficult thing to accomplish for smart home companies, because of the difference in pronunciation, accents and other vocal factors. However, today, your system can take advantage of global search engines like Google to help your technology understand what you’re saying.

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