How Do You Choose the Correct Motorized Shades Fabric?

How Do You Choose the Correct Motorized Shades Fabric?

Selecting the Appropriate Features for Your Delaware Valley Home

One of the simplest and most beneficial additions you can make to your Delaware Valley home automation system is integrated motorized shades. They’re a beautiful and reliable way to save on energy costs and enhance the privacy of any space. But because they’re seemingly so simple, it’s easy to get bogged down in some of the more complicated matters when choosing a fabric. That’s why we’ve put together this blog, to help you understand the smart shading terminology before you invest. Curious? Read on to learn more.


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When purchasing motorized shades, you’re likely thinking about how they will look in your room, but there are plenty of other factors that go into choosing the most useful and functional ones. Below, you’ll find some simple definitions of common terms:

Color: This one may seem simple but there’s actually a bit of science to it. Essentially, if you choose light color shades, more light will reflect off of them. If you choose dark colored shades, more light will be absorbed. Particularly when selecting sunshades or translucent shades, it’s almost always better to go with dark colored fabrics. Light colored ones will reflect more sunlight and cause glare, whereas dark colored ones will absorb it and allow you to see more of the outside world.

Opacity: The opacity of your shades represents how densely woven the fibers are. A low-opacity fabric will let a lot of light through, while a high-opacity fabric will not. If a fabric doesn’t let any light through, they’re typically referred to as blackout shades, which are perfect for home theaters and bedrooms.

Available Openness Factor: The available openness factor is a specific number assigned to how opaque your shades are. If you’re a designer interested in creating the perfect look, or interested in saving energy this number can help determine how much light actually gets through. It’s perfect for when you’re browsing online for shades and don’t have them in front of you.

Railroadable: Perhaps the most important aspect of any shades is how they look. That’s why you’ll want to know if the ones you like are railroadable. Railroaded means that the pattern on the fabric runs parallel with the roller, while unrailroaded shades’ patterns are perpendicular to the roller. 


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