Hate Working With Tech? Here’s the Reality of Smart Home Design

Hate Working With Tech? Here’s the Reality of Smart Home Design

AV Shouldn’t Dominate Every Space

Do you know how a snowflake forms?

The pure cloud water needs some assistance from bacteria blown into the air from treetops.

The molecules latch on to that little bit and grow something extraordinary around it. But at its core, a snowflake starts with bacteria.

The point is: something beautiful can emerge from something that’s less than pleasant to think about.

And as a smart home firm in Philadelphia, we know that many interior designers think technology is nothing but an eyesore that detracts from a property’s décor.

But we don’t think it has to be that way, and we can prove it. Here, we explore how the right smart home design can help turn your project into something truly beautiful.

Are Smart Homes a Fad?

TVs come and go, but great design lasts forever, right?

We couldn’t agree more. But with an expected 30 billion smart home devices on the market by 2020, connected technology is here to stay.

But it’s not all bad news. A lot of the technology available right now can easily hide within walls or blend in with the décor to minimize wall acne.

For instance: in-wall lighting and audio solutions minimize the clutter in most living spaces.

Fitting within small recesses in the wall, homeowners can quickly access their technology, but they don’t have to look at it while it’s not in use.

The result is a system that satisfies tech professionals, designers and, most importantly, homeowners.

Is Technology Always Ugly?

Big tech companies work hard to make sure their products look good.

But that doesn’t mean a 60-inch LG TV blends in with a mid-century modern look.

Technology isn’t always ugly, but it also doesn’t always work in the space.

However, given that 47 percent of millennials have smart home products in their spaces, it’s simply a reality designers have to face every day.

But hiding AV gear behind mirrors, art and within furniture via motorized lifts is par for the course when you collaborate with a technology installer.

Hidden technology is a growing market, and your clients can stand to benefit from smart design choices that incorporate it.

We understand that interior design and technology don’t always seem to go together, but with a little collaboration, we believe it’s possible to build something everyone can love.

If you’re tired of working around technology, or you’re looking for a partner you can trust on your next design project, we’re here to help. Just click the button at the bottom of your screen to talk with a real person right now, or give us a call at 856-751-1100.

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