Enjoy the Sounds of Spring With Whole Home Audio

Enjoy the Sounds of Spring With Whole Home Audio

Turn Your Backyard Into the Ultimate Listening Room

Philadelphia winters can be brutal, but luckily spring will soon be warming the weather. That means it’s time to head outside and enjoy the sun. And what better way to take advantage of the more comfortable climate than in your very own backyard, with the people you love and the music you can’t get enough of? Integrate your whole home audio system throughout your yard and pool areas for the ultimate outdoor listening room. Read on to learn more.

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Strategically Placed Speakers

Unlike a dedicated listening room, there’s not much you can do to prep your backyard for perfect sound. No walls mean no sound diffusion, echo or absorption – the typical acoustical qualities that can be easily modified indoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have audiophile-grade sound in your outdoor spaces; it just requires a strategic installation.

Outdoor speakers are designed differently from the ones throughout your home. Whether those resonate in the walls or create a full-bodied sound image by being paired together, outdoor speakers are typically designed to fire in a single direction. It’s the combination of multiple speakers, discreetly placed throughout your yard, that recreates a sound nearly as good as what you’ll hear inside. Plus, because of the directional qualities of the speakers, you’re not in danger of disturbing the neighbors.

Invisible Components

Many homeowners are hesitant about investing in outdoor audio components because they fear large pieces of equipment will diminish the beauty of their yard. The truth is, much of the gear can be hidden away so it doesn’t distract from the landscape design. Here are a few types of virtually invisible speakers:

• Rock speakers – Just as their name implies, rock speakers look like rocks. For many years these were standard around outdoor spaces, but recently they’ve fallen out of popularity with landscape designers and audiophiles who are looking for better audio quality and less clunky components.

• Landscape speakers – To be clear, landscape speakers aren’t invisible, but they can be installed discreetly throughout a space. By positioning them under bushes, in between plant arrangements and behind rock fixtures, you can get excellent sound quality without disrupting the look of the area.

• Underground subwoofer – An important part of achieving full-sounding audio is the subwoofer. In your outdoor spaces, however, it’s hard to get the most out of your music’s bass without sacrificing style. Thankfully, underground subwoofers are a great option for your outdoor audio system.

Are you ready to get the most out of the springtime with your whole home audio system? Contact us today!

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