Enhance Your Smart Home Automation System This Year

Enhance Your Smart Home Automation System This Year

Jersey Shore Residents, Get the Most out of Your Smart Technology

There’s no denying it: home technology is huge right now. Everything from DIY solutions to professionally-installed smart home automation systems are entering a golden age. With 2016 behind us, it’s time to start looking forward to how you can improve your integrated technology in the New Year. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the most important aspects of home automation, and how you can enjoy them even more in 2017. Read on for more.

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Enhance Your Network

Are you excited about streaming 4K UHD content on your new video display? Do you want to control your home with the power of your own voice? These are just a couple of the cool things you can do with integrated technology, but one thing you may not be aware of is the need for greater bandwidth. We’ve covered the strain your network might face if you try to upgrade your media room without the proper bandwidth improvements, but now everything from your thermostat to your refrigerator can connect to a single system. It’s time to seriously consider how your network will handle all of it.

Structured wiring is still the best way to go, and you can consult a professional installer on how to get the most out of your system. Plus, you can invest in Z-Wave technology, which improves your wireless network by turning each device connected to it into an amplifier. Whether you choose a robust hardwired system or a convenient wireless one, your home technology will benefit from a network upgrade.

Find New Ways to Save Energy

You may be excited about adding all kinds of new smart gadgets to your home, and you should be, but also consider the toll it will take on your energy bill. More devices typically mean more electricity usage. But there’s good news – going green is actually easier with smart technology. The more devices you connect, the more ways you can save.

Consider this: Daylight harvesting technology tells your lights to dim and your shades to open when there’s enough sunlight in your room. If it gets too warm, your smart thermostat can kick in to cool it, and the shades can automatically close. Or you can set the system to “away” when you’re out of the house, so it maintains a constant temperature to make cooling or warming the space easier when you get back home.

You can even receive real-time updates on your energy usage via your smart home app. Set limits to automatically avoid going over a certain amount per month, or remotely adjust your settings from anywhere in the world.

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