Connected Living: What Can Your Smart Home Do for You?

Connected Living: What Can Your Smart Home Do for You?

Technology can get pretty complicated. Whether you’re trying to enjoy a movie in the living room on a Saturday afternoon, you’re celebrating in the yard with a family get-together or you’re shutting down the house at the end of the night, there’re a lot of electronics you need to control. But what if you had a means of controlling multiple components with a single device? Moreover, what if that device offered a simple, intuitive interface that’s so easy your kids could use it? And what if the technology in your home could learn your habits and react accordingly? Smart home automation makes all of these things possible, and you’ll see the big benefits in your Cherry Hill, New Jersey residence. Read on to learn more.

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There’s an App for That

One of the cornerstones of smart technology is an app-based control system. Apps essentially turn your smartphone or tablet into a control device for any given component. If you want a truly connected home, however, you’ll need a system that integrates individual apps and allows them to work together.

For instance, you may have installed a smart thermostat, smart lighting and a media distribution system in your home. Each component does what you want with a simple command on your tablet or smartphone. But controlling each device remotely doesn’t make it smart; it’s only when the devices are integrated to work together that your lifestyle is simplified.

When you enter a room, you’ll likely raise the lights. But by integrating the perfect light setting into a predetermined scene, one touch will raise the lights, activate the thermostat and turn on the TV. In a connected home, your comfort is just one convenient click away.

Technology That Learns

Of course, one-touch controls of your home technology are only half of what make your spaces smart. The other half is technology that learns. Over time and through use, your integrated smart technology will begin to understand your habits and modify itself accordingly. Eventually, you’ll be able to put control in the back of your mind.

Imagine the moment you wake up in the morning – the first thing you do is turn on the lights, maybe open the shades and probably raise the temperature. With a smart home system you can do this all with a few buttons on your control device. But as you continue to do so, your technology begins to understand when you get up, what your activities are and how to make you comfortable. It then adjusts the components automatically.

Moreover, it provides you with real-time usage statistics and other relevant information. Want to make sure your doors are locked while you’re away? A quick glance will tell you which doors remain unlocked. Similarly, lighting, shading, entertainment equipment and HVAC are all at your fingertips.

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