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Top 3 Essentials for Your Smart Surveillance System

Top 3 Essentials for Your Smart Surveillance System

Maintain Peace of Mind by Keeping an Eye on Your Property at All Times

The here and now is always the best time to consider smart home security for your Little Rock, AR property. And the best solution to start your system with is smart surveillance. Keeping your family and home safe and secure is a top priority for you, always – so a top-notch surveillance setup is key to maintaining your peace of mind.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top three features we recommend for your setup, and why they are necessary for any surveillance system.

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It’s All About the Cameras

Of course, when you think of a surveillance system, it’s the cameras that immediately come to mind. They are essential to your system, but their quality and performance are equally just as important.

The best kind of surveillance cameras, such as the ones from Luma, let you view every corner and angle of your entire property – whether you’re home or away. You can check in on your house from across the country or from your basement or bedroom. Simply pull out your smartphone or tablet to watch crystal-clear, real-time video footage that your cameras capture.

You can even adjust the camera from your phone! Tilt, pan, and zoom in as you please, so you can catch every last area and hard-to-see space throughout your home. Want to re-watch a clip later on? You can record footage and save it to watch another time. With Luma, you can easily access saved video clips and find the images you’re looking for instantly and with zero hassle. Simply search and view a list of your cameras’ video entries that are organized by the exact date and time.

Instant Notifications

Your cameras can tie in with a smart feature called instant or real-time notifications. This solution has your system alert your smart device the moment something suspicious has occurred on your property that your cameras have been able to capture.

Your installed motion sensors and cameras can detect the unusual movement and then capture the intruder on video – your outdoor lighting can illuminate the area as well, giving your video a clearer image. The second this happens, your phone can receive an alert, letting you know what has happened, showing you the footage, and calling the appropriate authorities if necessary.

Smart Locks

You might not consider smart locks as a crucial aspect of your surveillance system – but they can help you take complete control of your property’s security. Easily set your smart locks to only open for those with a personal passcode you’ve given them, or when you disarm them from your phone or tablet. When someone arrives at an entryway, you can pull up the surveillance footage and see whether it’s someone you want to allow inside right away. Unlock the door or keep it armed – you’re in control.

These smart solutions can complete your whole surveillance system – and are also the perfect technologies that can be easily built upon if you choose to expand your setup. Want to learn more? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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