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Elevate Your Workspace with Smart Building Technology

Elevate Your Workspace with Smart Building Technology

Automation Systems Add Value to Your Entire Office

When technology fails you throughout the workday, it can be a real inconvenience for everyone in your office. You need solutions you can rely on, whether when you’re giving an important presentation for a client or securing the office after everyone’s left for the evening. A top-notch smart building technology system can deliver this level of service for your Oklahoma City, OK business on a daily basis.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what this automation system can do for your entire workspace. Learn more about its many benefits by reading on below!

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Set the Perfect Atmosphere

More than ever, when you’re in front of a client, about to give a presentation or host a meeting, you need your system to function smoothly and properly. With a professional automation installation from our team, you’ll never have to worry.

With just a press of a button on a smart device, you’ll be able to create a stunning presentation environment. A set scene will have the projector and screen lower, the lights will dim, and the motorized shades can lower as well.

Even if you want to go the extra step and make the room itself more comfortable, have the smart thermostat adjust the temperature to accommodate how many people are in the conference room if needed. It’s that easy to eliminate the stress and hassle of preparing for a crucial presentation – now your system will take care of everything for you.

Help the Office Go Green

With smart lighting control throughout your building, you have complete command over how many fixtures stay on at all times. Automated lighting means you can set scenes for the lights to turn off and your shades to raise up, letting the natural sunlight illuminate the space.

Installed motion sensors can also detect when the last person has left a room or a specific area. Your lights will wait a few minutes and then turn off, saving you energy and lowering your electric bill.

Your smart thermostat can also work with your automated shading, helping your office reach the perfect temperature by lowering or raising up the shades as needed. When the ideal temperature is reached, then the HVAC system will turn off instead of going into overdrive trying to maintain it.

Smart Office Security

It can feel a bit nerve-wracking having to leave the office completely unoccupied at night. But even when you’re away, you can check in on the building at any time. Surveillance cameras can capture every corner of your building, ensuring there isn’t an area that’s left vulnerable.

Watch real-time videos of live surveillance footage right on your smartphone or tablet. Installed smart alarms can instantly alert authorities when a break-in occurs or if your cameras pick up on any suspicious activity. You’ll have peace of mind and return to work knowing everything is as it should be.

Boost Motivation and Productivity

How your workspace feels has a significant impact on how well your employees perform throughout the day. Brighten up the office with different automated lighting intensities and colors, or let employees bask in the natural glow of the sunlight that motorized shades allow in.

Audio video distribution lets you stream audio or media throughout your workspace that you have TVs and in-wall speakers installed. Play background music during the workday or pump up the party tunes for a break or after-work party to let off steam.

You can truly transform the look and feel of your office and give your employees a space to thrive in every day with a smart building technology system in place. Want to learn more about this solution? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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