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Openness Factor: What is it, and Why Should I Care? Openness Factor: What is it, and Why Should I Care?

Choice is a great thing…until we have too much of it. In 2004 Barry Schwartz released a book entitled The Paradox of Choice, where he argues that reducing consumer choices also reduces shopper’s anxiety.

When it comes to motorized roller shades, the fabric options alone can be overwhelming. There are literally thousands of options, and that is just Lutron fabrics alone! Different colors, weaves, styles, and materials. There are eco-friendly fabrics, fabrics that guard against UV radiation, and even fabrics with trademarked technologies featuring fanciful names. How do you know what fabric will work for you?

In this article, we are going to cover one of the most important, but also most confusing, qualities of a sheer roller shade fabric, its openness factor.

Creating the Perfect Wellness Room Creating the Perfect Wellness Room

Our minds are sort of like an MP3 player and are very adept at mental time travel. We can fast forward and think about the future and everything we want or need to do. We can also rewind and think back on past experiences - sometimes even dwelling on those experiences. Mindfulness meditation and yoga practices train your brain to keep the button on play so that we are completely aware and in the present moment of our experience. 

Carving out time in your busy day to decompress with a dedicated meditation or yoga practice is a great way to reduce stress, improve memory and focus, and increase overall wellness – among many other benefits. Solutions for Yoga and Wellness spaces can be as simple as a quiet room in your home but can be as unique as your imagination allows. But what place does home technology have in a room dedicated to wellness? Read on for some considerations on designing the perfect wellness room or yoga space to keep you in the present moment.

4 Ways to Soundproof a Room 4 Ways to Soundproof a Room

If you are building a new home, it is important to consider what sounds you may need to keep in or out of each room in the home. There are some pretty obvious examples, like a music room or a home theater. But what about more traditional spaces?

Laundry rooms, powder baths, and mechanical closets emit sounds that you would most likely want to be contained, while nurseries, bedrooms, and home offices should be protected from noise emanating from the rest of the home. But how do you plan to soundproof a room? Below are four ways you can soundproof the rooms in your home.

4 differences between an 4 differences between an "A/V guy" and a Custom Integrator

“Do you have an A/V guy?”

This question probably leads to the majority of our referral business, but there is one funny thing about that question. Audio and Video aren’t the only things we do; in fact, A/V isn’t even the majority of our business as a company. Today a more accurate term for the A/V guy is Custom Integrator. Our specialty has evolved from TVs and speakers into coordinating all of the technology that occupies our homes. Read on to learn four surprising things an “A/V company” like BRAVAS can do.

How to Hide the Speakers - Not the Sound How to Hide the Speakers - Not the Sound

As you begin to design your new home, there are numerous important decisions to be made. The focus should always be on creating the ideal environment for enjoying your home, which includes paying particular attention to the audio. In your home and your home theater, a good audio system will take your theater to the next level. Some, more obvious speakers may distract from the room’s other design elements. One way to achieve a great sounding experience without sacrificing style is using hidden speakers. To learn more about creating a functional and attractive home theater, read on.

4 Steps to Avoid Hating the Color in Your Home Theater 4 Steps to Avoid Hating the Color in Your Home Theater

Choosing colors is hard; it just is. I struggle to choose colors for a new car, and I only have a few choices there. When it comes to selecting colors for a new home, there are SO many options that it can seem impossible to choose one you will love. This is even harder when you don't know what it will look like in the home, where the natural and artificial light look so much different than in a showroom or hardware store.

Whatever color you end up with for the majority of your home, one thing is certain. It won't be the right choice for your theater. So how do you avoid choosing the wrong color for your theater? Here are some tips from your home theater designer.

The 5 C's of Smart Lighting The 5 C's of Smart Lighting

If you have ever shopped for a diamond, you are well aware of the "4 C's" of diamonds; Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. If you haven't been through that process, you need to know that the 4 C's are the defining characteristics that lead to a diamond's value. Understanding how diamonds rank in each of the four categories allows you to compare diamonds to one another.

You may not know this, but at BRAVAS, we have the 5 C's to help our clients understand smart lighting and what will work best for their homes. Read on to learn about the 5 C's.

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