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Bring a Buddy to BRAVAS!


1. Share Open Jobs:  Send your referral a link to apply for any job opening at BRAVAS.
  • 2. Submit Referral Info:  Fill out the form below.
  • 3. Claim Your Bonus: If your referral is hired, you'll receive your bonus in 3 installment payments.
    • $500 at employee start date.
    • $500 at 3 months.
    • $500 at 6 months.
  • Requirements:

    • The candidate being referred to BRAVAS must be new to BRAVAS for the bonus to apply. Candidates who currently or previously worked for BRAVAS or our subsidiaries do not qualify as new to BRAVAS.
    • Both referring and referred employee must be active, full-time employees at the time each milestone is reached to qualify for that installment.
    • Referring employees must submit a bonus request within the first 100 days of the new hire’s employment, or the bonus will be forfeited.
    • Only one referring employee may be eligible for the bonus for a new hire. If there is more than one claim for the same bonus, the bonus will be considered payable to the referring employee who first submits a request form to the General Manager.
    • The employee referral program may be amended or terminated at any time, based upon the sole discretion of management.
    • Qualified bonuses will be processed through payroll as taxable wages.

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