The Luxury Touch: What Sets Premium Lighting Control Systems Apart

The Luxury Touch: What Sets Premium Lighting Control Systems Apart

Set the Bar High with Home Lighting Automation

How often have you seen advertisements for products that are “gourmet,” “luxury,” or “high-end”? These terms on their own are used far too liberally to describe goods and services that are above average at best. This problem is particularly pervasive in the home design and décor sphere, which makes it difficult for wealthy homeowners to identify the right contractor for their needs.

Adding to the confusion, many Atlanta, Georgia homeowners don’t have in-depth knowledge of what the current limitations and possibilities are for home technology, meaning a so-called luxury product might actually only offer the bare minimum of what can be achieved with a high-end solution.

Below, we outline three key characteristics of a truly high-quality home lighting automation system.

Seamless Design

Very basic lighting control systems might rely on outlet plugs and other clunky equipment to achieve automation. These surface-level solutions end up detracting from your home instead of enhancing it. Look for an integrator who offers invisible lighting controls—this includes replacing the switches and knobs marring your walls with a management system you can access via your smartphone, tablet, or even your voice. All of the technology is completely hidden so that you can enjoy the benefits of lighting automation without the distractions of control devices.

Personalized Options

How do you want your lighting control system to work? With a basic system, you’ll be limited to only a few options. You could easily outgrow the system, and unless it’s installed by professionals who know what they’re doing, you won’t have any opportunities for enhancements in the future. Look for features that create that personalized, tailored touch, such as integrated lighting sensors that react to the availability of natural sunlight or the ability to adjust lighting levels via voice command. The lighting system should automatically communicate with motorized shades, the HVAC system, and more in order to create a cohesive solution that can do pretty much anything.

Lighting Design

A quality lighting automation contractor does more than simply install the technology—they set up the system with your lifestyle and the home’s unique features in mind. Lights can have such an incredible impact on the look and feel of your property, and that impact is amplified when you can adjust the brightness, color, and temperature of each light at the push of a button.

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Your lighting designer should be able to accommodate both interior design goals and practical functionality in each room. This process is made easy by automation technology—simply design different lighting scenes for different occasions to ensure that, no matter how you intend to use a room, you always have the perfect lighting levels.

Don’t settle for a second rate solution for your home lighting system. To learn more about the lighting products and services that your local BRAVAS partner has to offer, contact us today.

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