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Sensational Summer Kitchen Ideas for Outdoor Cooking Out This Year

Sensational Summer Kitchen Ideas for Outdoor Cooking Out This Year

A Customized Cooking Space Turns Up the Heat on Backyard Fun

It’s time to go beyond the Weber. A bold idea? Maybe. After all, summer is known for artfully crafted burgers and outdoor parties featuring the grill. But why limit your culinary masterpieces to just one instrument?

We suggest customizing your very own outdoor kitchen space. There are plenty of unique ways that you may have never considered to add your own style to your backyard entertaining area.

Whether you want to revolutionize summer fun or just want to try something new this year, these summer kitchen ideas will help you experience the best of your backyard. 

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Let’s face it: the biggest benefit for an outdoor kitchen is that you can prepare food on an open flame. An outdoor oven or stovetop will add pizzazz and variety, but the grill is an irreplaceable star of the show. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an old-fashioned charcoal grill, though. Instead, spice things up with a unique approach to your barbecue.

The most obvious way to change things up is with a custom firepit. Firepits are brick structures built into the ground that stay hot for hours. A huge benefit is that they’re large enough and low-burning enough to facilitate smoking. If taking your time and spending hours crafting a meal sounds like the perfect day to you, a firepit and smoker can make a perfect combination.

Of course, maybe you don’t love the taste of smoked meat. Maybe you have a craving for pizza. So why not add a traditional Italian brick oven to your space?

Wood-burning brick ovens cook hot and keep the heat for a long time. So, once you get it going you can throw your own custom pizzas in there and enjoy them in 30 minutes or less!

Our last suggestion for your outdoor kitchen is a luxury tandoor. If you’re not familiar with the concept, tandoori grills are essentially giant clay pots. You place the wood or coal in the bottom and light. The curved shape will create a convection effect. You can open the top and grill or lower food inside and use it like an oven.

There are plenty of other ways to change things up this year. From finding the pool that works for you to taking a trip around the globe.

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