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09 November 2016

3 Tips for a Better Wireless Connection

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Improve Your Home Wi-Fi Network for a Better Smart Home Experience

3 Tips for a Better Wireless Connection

The strength of your home network is a significant determining factor in how smart your home can be. A smart home is most intelligent when many products work together to create a whole home environment, but multiple devices mean stress on the network, slowing the entire system. An unreliable network will mean lag times, buffering, and annoyance. In addition, more and more of these devices are designed to connect to Wi-Fi, which can have many positives. For instance, you probably don’t want excess wires throughout your Chicago, IL home. However, this requires taking extra steps to ensure that your Wi-Fi system can handle the load across your entire property--inside and out. Read on to learn about three tips that will improve your Wi-Fi network and, thus, the quality of your home.