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15 August 2017

Can Your Home’s Lighting Affect Your Health?

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How Lighting Control Can Help Maintain Your Circadian Rhythm

Can Your Home’s Lighting Affect Your Health?

Your sleep is intrinsically linked to your health. With the hectic hustle and bustle that can make up our days, many of us aren’t succeeding in consistently getting a full night of sleep. If you fall into that category, you could consider adjusting your Philadelphias, NJ home environment to help regulate your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is your biological clock that tells your body when you should rest and when you should be awake. By using external cues like light, you can help your body understand when it is time for sleeping. Home lighting automation is an excellent tool for regulating your rhythm and improving your sleep and, therefore, your overall health and wellness. To learn more about how it works, continue reading our article.