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22 January 2020

How Automated Shading & Lighting Transforms Your Mood & Décor

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Relive Your Favorite Moments with Lighting and Shading Scenes

How Automated Shading & Lighting Transforms Your Mood & Décor

It’s difficult to understand the ‘wow’ effect of home automation until you experience it. Picture telling your smart speaker, “Chill,” and watching your home’s shades lower, lights shift to dim whites, magentas, and blues, and soft jazz music starts playing from your sound system—all at once. No longer are you just standing in your home; you’ve been transported to a moment that can be relived over and over.

Lighting and shading have immense power to shift our moods and the way our home’s interior looks. From wellness to hosting get-togethers, continue reading to see how automated shading and lighting make all the difference in your home.