Blending technology with your space is a craft in and of itself. The elements can be combined to add intelligence to the space and create an environment where you can enjoy the mood, comfort and security of your home.


Smart Home Automation 01
High definition 4K Video with hidden audio blend seamlessly into this living space
Smart Home Automation 06
A sitting room can be illuminate through lighting and sounds of classical music make the perfect background music.
Element Audio 01
A movie themed screening room can make fantasy a reality it’s only limited to your imagination.
Home Lighting Autmation  02
Kitchen the ultimate gathering place and family center, Concealed TV’s , sing-along music and even the latest recipes show all available at a button press.
Home Lighting Autmation  03
The great room; choose daylight or filtered light using motorized shades
Smart Home Automation 02
A bedroom suite can be controlled from your fingertips with TV, sound, lights, fans, temperature, the fireplace and more.
Home Lighting Autmation  05
Even when in the remotest parts of the home you can hear door chimes or gate alerts piped throughout the house.
Smart Home Automation 07
The central equipment center of your system can be as visible or hidden as you like. Plan for it and make it fit within your game plan.
Home Lighting Autmation  06
Keeping the aesthetic quiet invisible when the room is classic and traditional is part of the design approach each bravas partner takes
Smart Home Automation 04
Office work can be isolation and quiet time, it can also mean personal time to escape to your favorite vinyl recording or benefit from your high performance managed network
Home Theater Design 01

Fit the home theater to your style, formal seating or lounging furniture it’s your choice

Smart Home Automation 03 -XXXXXXXXX
A kitchen made to accommodate dueling chefs can get a little help from technology
Home Theater Design 02
This exquisite home theater is an award winner. Unbelievable detail from seats to wall décor that rivals most any luxury theater
Home Theater Design 03
Do you prefer the feel of a classic movie theater; acoustically designed to be its own buffered thunder vault.
Smart Home Automation 05
Curb appeal can include lighting, front door cameras, sensor based driveway pads, and time sequenced automation.
Home Lighting Autmation  01
Wall art can cover or disguise a TV above a fireplace
Motorized Shades 01
A guest room with shade control, fan control and all the comforts a guest could expect.
Elements Outdoor01
Outdoor living includes sound, video, lighting fireplaces, fans and much more.
Elements Outdoor02
Comfort pool side can include music, power awnings, pool/spa temp control, even irrigation control for gardening areas and lawn
Elements Outdoor03
Multiple levels become easily controlled with smart phones, tablets and dedicated wall controls.
Elements Outdoor04
Pool house or glamour outdoor kitchen al become part of the system
Elements Outdoor05
External views into the house can be accentuated with motorized window treatments and even electric glass for those areas where privacy is needed some times.
Element Audio 02
What’s a rec area without piped in sound, great lighting at your fingertips and lighting scenes to fit the party
Motorized Shades 02
External views into the house can be accentuated with motorized window treatments and even electric glass for those areas where privacy is needed some times.
Elements Outdoor06
Perimeter sound and lighting can add to the vibe of your estate.
Home Theater 04
Choose from amazing selections of furniture and wall fabric that customize your space as one of a kind.
Elements Outdoor07
Scene lighting and outdoor ambiance are created from design
Home Theater 05
Lighting makes the theater whether its special effects or step lighting to light your path during the movie.
Smart Home Automation 09
Make an amazing impression with a glorious foyer make sure all guest that ring the doorbell are heard, trigger lighting and even camera snapshots when visitors come.
Elements Outdoor 08
Paradise can be made easily with follow me controls on your phone for virtually any electronic device in the house.
Elements Outdoor 09
The flow of entertaining was never so effortless. Open doors automatically; start the fire pit, create the sound and lighting you want to impress.
Elements Outdoor 10
Enjoy the outdoor sitting area where doorbells can be heard and managed internet accessed if you wish.
Elements Outdoor 11
The outdoors becomes indoors with all the technology you desire.
Elements Outdoor 12
Nothing more romantic than lighting up the outside from house to pool; with the water just right, anyone for a swim?
Elements Outdoor 13
Pool and water features can be controlled even complex irrigation systems made easy.
Home Theater 06
Lights, sound, action it is all possible with a personalized design home theater. Front and rear projection technology available.
Home Theater 07
You will think you are in the movie you are so close to the action.
Home Lighting Autmation 07
In ceiling speakers adorn this master suite sitting room combo.
Home Lighting Autmation 08
A formal dining event or a simple card game can be lighten up with fabulous lighting, sound, and motorized window treatments.
Home Lighting Autmation 09
Whether its tea or cocktails set the stage the way you like.
Smart Home Automation 10
Luxury baths deserve magic too. A TV behind the mirror, or concealed touch screen and lights and soothing sound for sure.
Smart Home Automation 11
Every bedroom can be a master entertainment suite and easy enough for guests to use it.
Smart Home Automation 12
Sometimes a quiet view of the outdoors is all you need.
Smart Home Automation 13
The fun goes on from room to room no boundaries for enjoying the good life.
Smart Home Automation 14
Transition from any room to outdoors with automation and control over the environment.
Smart Home Automation 15
This kitchen has it all: sound, lighting, video, even a control touch panel for house wide control.
Smart Home Automation 16
You can conquer the open space with all the toys to make your home a technology masterpiece.