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The 4 Biggest Mistakes with Multi-Room Audio

Don’t Settle for a Second-rate System

The 4 Biggest Mistakes with Multi-Room Audio

When done properly, a multi-room audio system makes every area of your Houston, Texas home sound like a concert hall, with your favorite performer right in front of you. When not done properly, however, the audio in your home could be tinny, overly loud, with dead spots in areas, or full of echoes – to name a few issues. Avoid these common mistakes that could occur if your audio professional doesn’t have the skill or expertise to install a high-end system:

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3 Types of Multi-Room Audio

Find the Right System for Your Indianapolis Home

3 Types of Multi-Room Audio

As you consider adding multi-room music to your Indiana home, there may be a lot of questions that come to mind. Where will the speakers be placed? What other equipment will I need? Will my home need to be rewired? To make certain that all pieces work seamlessly together, seek the assistance of an audio professional and take some time to acquaint yourself with three different types of multi-room audio systems. 

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Visible vs. Hidden Speakers: Which is Right for Your Home?

Choose the Audio Design that Makes Sense for You

Visible vs. Hidden Speakers: Which is Right for Your Home?

The ability to fill your home with music is a common feature of luxury homes, and yet there are many different avenues to achieve the goal of high-performance audio. One big decision that homeowners in the Baltimore, Maryland area must face is whether to invest in hidden speakers or opt for less discrete audio options. Below, we cover the key differences and advantages to each option.

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Use Hidden Speakers to Refine Your Home Theater

Impress Guests With a Theater that Looks and Sounds Great

Use Hidden Speakers to Refine Your Home Theater

As you begin to design your home’s new theater, there are numerous important decisions to be made. The focus should always be on creating the ideal cinematic environment--which means paying particular attention to the audio. The music and sound effects can greatly affect the movie watching experience, and a good audio system will take your theater to the next level. However, your theater is still a part of your home, and you probably want it to remain consistent with the rest of your decor. Some, more obvious speakers may distract from the room’s other design elements. One way to achieve a great sounding cinema experience without sacrificing style is through the use of hidden speakers. To learn more about creating a functional and attractive home theater, read on.

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Can Your Multi-Room Audio Sound Better?

4 Ways to Improve Your Whole Home System

Can Your Multi-Room Audio Sound Better?

Whether your Dallas, TX home already has a multi-room audio system, or you’re thinking of installing one, you’ll want to make sure it’s working to it’s fullest potential. Many factors can affect your audio. If the quality of your sound is faltering, it can seem daunting to find the problem. In this article, we will cover four places you can make an adjustment to improve your home’s system. Continue reading to learn more.

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