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The 4 Biggest Mistakes with Multi-Room Audio

Don’t Settle for a Second-rate System

The 4 Biggest Mistakes with Multi-Room Audio

When done properly, a multi-room audio system makes every area of your Houston, Texas home sound like a concert hall, with your favorite performer right in front of you. When not done properly, however, the audio in your home could be tinny, overly loud, with dead spots in areas, or full of echoes – to name a few issues. Avoid these common mistakes that could occur if your audio professional doesn’t have the skill or expertise to install a high-end system:

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3 Rooms that Benefit from Automation

Intelligent Design Improves Nearly Every Space in Your Home

3 Rooms that Benefit from Automation

Perhaps you have heard about smart home automation, but you are unsure what the effects will be. In fact, the benefits and applications of intelligently integrated technologies are virtually endless. The whole point of automation is to create a home that beautifully meshes with your unique needs and lifestyle. This article illuminates some key functions of automation and how they can improve the comfort and ease of your Indianapolis, IN home. We will explore the possible effects of automation in three specific rooms. 

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3 Rooms that Benefit from Unexpected Entertainment

Where to Add Hidden TVs

3 Rooms that Benefit from Unexpected Entertainment

As technology becomes an ever-increasing part of our lives, it doesn’t have to take over our homes’ style. By utilizing concealed technology like hidden TVs in your Houston, TX home, you can seamlessly integrate entertainment into your decor. One added benefit of hiding your screens is that you can easily add televisions to new rooms. In this article, we cover three spaces you may not have considered but could benefit from a hidden television. Continue reading to learn more. 

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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hidden TVs

Give Your Equipment the Right Supporting Cast

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hidden TVs

Neatly tucking away your entertainment equipment is an essential part of preserving your interior design. Depending on your space and style limitations, you can use hidden TVs that double as mirrors, hide behind pieces of artwork, disappear into nooks in the ceiling or fit within custom cabinetry. But it takes more than just choosing one of these solutions to create the ideal décor. Like any technology in your San Francisco, CA home, you need the perfect supporting cast. In this article, we discuss a few different approaches to get the most out of your hidden televisions.

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